Toothpaste is gold mine in present society

Toothpaste is the basic necessity of the modern world. Generally, we think brushing twice or thrice in a day is enough for dental care. Knowing that this product is used by everyone, there is a tremendous scope of the different type of toothpaste as this product is a gold mine in present society. It becomes difficult to choose which toothpaste should be used. Your toothpaste choice is important for your dental health. You should definitely look for a few essential things when it comes to your toothpaste; however, it mostly comes down to your personal preference or medical needs. Picking the toothpaste that will get you to brush twice a day and meet your health needs is the most important thing. Ignoring your past or present habit of choosing any toothpaste, look at following points of interest while choosing one, for maintaining good health of your teeth. Do not be a just LABEL READER.

Contents of Toothpaste


According to the American Dental Association’s website, brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is a basic of oral hygiene and health, due to fluoride toothpaste’s proven cavity fighting properties. Several different fluoride formulations are available, all of which appear to be similar in cavity-fighting ability and safety. Flouride should be 1,000 parts per million in your toothpaste.

Fluoride is particularly important for diabetics, as it helps remove plaque because having an infection in the mouth can be dangerous to a diabetic

.Approval by Dental Association

Look for the seal of approval. It’s best to pick a toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), as they make sure each product with their seal meets certain standards. The toothpaste packaging will have the ADA logo on it if it is approved by this organization.

In some other countries, like India, approved toothpaste has a seal of IDA (Indian Dental Association), but there are other toothpaste which has proven track record of being safe and good but their performance record has not been evaluated by IDA. Such manufacturer does not submit for IDA approval.

Dollar Toothpaste

When buying dollar-store toothpaste. One major concern is that one can often find toothpaste intended for foreign markets for sale in dollar stores, the product that may not meet the same government regulations required of American manufacturers or that may have been made by foreign companies with lower quality-control standards than American firms.

All toothpaste are the same. If someone asks which is the best car, Lexus, Porsche, Infiniti or any other brand. It’s all up to the personal preference. Some may like the consumer friendliness, or safety features, or premium feel. Similarly choice of toothpaste is up to personal preference. Ingredients of all toothpaste are pretty much the same.  More important is how well you brush your teeth and how many times. If you don’t remove plaque on a regular basis,No amount of antibacterial effect in the toothpaste can save you.

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