What is Dental Rush

According to Urban Dictionary TOP DEFINITION is
dental rush “The act of brushing your teeth multiple times right before a dentist appointment.”
The reason for such habit is not available any where.I searched few books and googled also but no clue.Then I read few blogs on dentist but no idea.But when I started reading comments on dental blogs I found that I got meaning full idea.
What I figure out “Dental Rush is due to long relationship between patient and Dentist.Every visitor,going to his dentist want to confirm that he has maintained his/her teeth/gums as per doctor’s instructions and is having good oral health.The long relationship between Dentist and customer,creates a bonding of Teacher and student.Student want to ensure that he is learning/executing as per instructions of his/her teacher.
sue’s News has posted in their blog “TWO people I don’t want to change: my dentist and gynecologist!”
Why they said so,only because of long relationship.This blog is short but worth reading.
There is one advertisement 
 “Soft Dental in Rush City, MN”which is good for mini implant

12 Signs You Need to See a Dentist

There is a good article in mouthhealthy for 10 reasons because of which one should visit Dentist.
Rush Dental is one of the good dental clinics for dental surgery in Chicago
One should always visit his dentist every six months. It keeps alive your Insurance also.
1.Your Gums Are Acting Up
2.You Try to Hide Your Smile
3.If you have fillings, crowns, dental implants or dentures, see your dentist regularly 
4.You Have Ongoing Medical Issues
5.You’re Pregnant
6.You’re Having Trouble Eating
7.You Have Dry Mouth
8.You Use Any Kind of Tobacco
9.You’re Having Jaw Pain
10.Your Mouth Has Spots and Sores

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